Thursday, December 07, 2006

About La Línea

La Línea (The Line) is a bi-national feminist collective of women writers, artists and theorists. We have been working together since 2002, when we started our first collaboration: the publication, La Línea. Each project that we develop begins from the moment of a word, and contains the constant reference to this place (Tijuana, the border, the wall: the line) through the connection and misconnections of Spanish and English. Our work uses texts, performance and spaces to create complex (physical/emotional/rational) relationships between the viewer/reader and a specific space through the insertion of texts as a part of the quotidian architecture. We have been working with the themes of violence, identity, and translation to look at permeable edges, and then to use the space of the poetic (words and physical experience) in order to make some of the more complex issues within these themes more visible.

Abril Castro (Tijuana, 1977) has her Bachelors Degree in Hispanic-American Language and Literature from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California), where she also completed a range of art and poetry workshops. In 2000, she received funding from the Bancomer and Rockefeller Foundation. Currently, she is the Coordinator for the Visual Arts section of the publication La Línea.

Lorena Mancilla (Tijuana, B. C. 1975). Received her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She writes narratives, chronicles and does reporting. She has published in national publications, such as: Revista Día Siete, Replicante, Dos Puntos, and Complot Internacional. She lives and works in Rosarito B.C.

Kara Lynch is a time-based artist. Her work criss-crosses media, though at the root, performance is her discipline and point of departure. Recent works include: 'Black Russians' 2001 117min documentary video; ‘The Outing Trilogy,™’ experimental video piece including: 'Mi Compañera' 2002 12min and ‘Me-ba ™ Coming™ 1998 9min; 'Xing Over' 2003 6hr performance/2.36min 3 channel audio piece; 'Invisible: episode 03 meet me in Okemah, Ok circa 1911' 2003 a multi-site video/audio installation. Her epic sci-fi project, Invisible, speculates the violence of becoming a subject by way of black liberation and time-travel. Living en exilio in upstate ny and teaching video at Hampshire College, she retains a post office box in nueva york, storage space in western mass and love for the pacific ocean. She is a gemini monkey born in the momentous year of 1968.

Margarita Valencia Triana (Zacatecas, 1980) is a poet and philosopher who graduated from la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. She participated in José Vicente Anaya’s poetry workshop, and has been published by Tierra Adentro, a literary magazine; Saga, journal of philosophy, and she took part in the poetry compilation by the Centro de Estudios Poéticos de Madrid. “For me, writing is a violent act, an interruption into a state of given things. It is to tear the world a bit. It is to reveal. It’s an upper cut. Writing is to leave without air. That’s why writing is a fight and words are blades, they’re bullets. My principal interest is to subvert with words.”

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