Thursday, December 07, 2006


Transfemmes is a photo series that documents the transformation of three individuals into their performance of femininity. It questions how, societaly, we have noramlized an image of a constructed performance. The photo series documents a woman transforming into a performance of high femme, a man dressing himself in the likeness of Gretta Garbo in drag, and a woman performing a masculine femininity as a drag king. while the performance is implicit in the images, the documentation itself focuses on the process in an attempt to reveal the transformation as an act of performance itself. When we speak of the performative, we are refering specifically to actions that perform the meaning they are trying to communicate. That dressing is, a part from perfroming for the camera, a perfoemative action which through its own movement speaks to the same construction of identity that the transformation over the series of photos articulates.



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